Right now, the government is trying to force fracking on us and the countryside.

Donate today to stop fast-tracked fracking – there’s no time to lose. 

The government is trying to bulldoze fracking through the planning system with two major policy proposals.

If successful, these proposals threaten to industrialise England’s countryside and severely reduce local communities’ right to have a say on fracking.

  • Proposal 1 will allow the fracking industry to drill exploratory wells without applying for planning permission.
  • Proposal 2 will allow national government to force through full-scale fracking proposals - stripping local decision-makers of their powers to decide.

What are we calling for?

These proposals must be dropped. If fracking is fast-tracked, our landscapes could become an industrial testing ground for shale gas.

It could mean convoys of HGVs thundering down narrow country lanes and unsightly drilling rigs scarring the countryside - ruining its tranquillity. Local communities could be just forced to accept it against their will.

This is, of course, on top of the numerous other risks associated with fracking that could cause serious harm to our environment, climate and health.

The government should not allow fracking to happen until they prove these risks will not materialise – let alone allow it to be fast-tracked.

'What the government is proposing is the death of local democracy'

Barbara Richardson and her community in Roseacre in Lancashire have been opposing a fracking proposal in their area for the past four and a half years.

'I’m worried about the impact fracking would have on our village and our surrounding countryside. Cuadrilla are proposing to drill 24/7, 365 days a year. There will be over 15,000 HGV movements on our narrow country lanes – and two giant 10-metre chimneys burning methane into our clean air.

'It’s one of thousands of wells that could be drilled if the government’s proposals go through. We’re talking about potential industrialisation of the countryside.'

We must take action now

Public consultations on these proposals are happening right now and the government will make their decision in the coming months. It’s vital that we stand up for our countryside and our right to have a say on fracking - while there’s still time.

Don’t let the government fast-track fracking. Make your donation now and help get these outrageous proposals dropped – before it’s too late. 

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What exactly is the government proposing?

Proposal 1: remove the need to apply for planning permission for exploratory drilling.

Exploratory drilling for shale gas would be treated as ‘permitted development’. This could make it as easy to drill a test well in our countryside as it is to build a conservatory – avoiding the scrutiny that other ‘major’ developments face. Councils and communities could be bypassed in the decision process – and scores of exploratory wells could soon appear in the countryside.

Proposal 2: take decisions out of local control for full-scale fracking applications.

By designating fracking as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP), the government aims to make the planning process for fracking the same as that for railway lines and runways. Decisions on fracking proposals, currently made locally, would be made nationally by central government - and councils and communities would have little power to stop them.

We must stop these two proposals from becoming a reality.  

Support our campaign to stop fast-tracked fracking now and your gift will help:

  • Deliver a compelling case to the government’s fracking consultations.
  • Alert the public to these outrageous fracking proposals and provide ways to take action.
  • Mobilise our national network of CPRE activists and volunteers to campaign against the proposals at a local level.
  • Strengthen our contribution to the powerful alliance of organisations we’re collaborating with to stop these proposals going ahead.
  • Influence politicians and decision-makers at the highest level and persuade them to say no to fast-tracked fracking.

Don’t let the government force fracking on us and the countryside. Join our fight today.

  • £15 could help fund our awareness raising activities to persuade the public to speak out against the government’s fracking proposals.  
  • £25 could help fund a briefing to influence politicians and decision-makers at the highest level to say NO to fast-tracked fracking. 
  • £50 could help fund essential research to help us make a compelling case to the government’s consultations on fast-tracked fracking. 

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  • £15 could help a CPRE branch work with a local authority to help identify and deliver development on a brownfield site in their area.
  • £25 could help CPRE parliamentary campaigners prepare briefings to persuade ministers and MPs to do more to restrain greenfield development and prioritise brownfield sites.
  • £50 could help fund the publication of research and irrefutable evidence to support our key arguments for more and better use of brownfield land.

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