Help us persuade the Government to close the ‘viability’ loophole

A lack of affordable housing is often seen as an urban problem, with issues of affordability in rural areas overlooked. It cannot be ignored any longer. Too much of our countryside is eaten up for developments that boost profits, but don’t meet local housing needs because of the ‘viability’ loophole - a legal means of developers dodging their commitments to build affordable homes.

The Government must clampdown on this practice. If not, young people and families will continue to leave our villages and rural towns in their droves, draining the lifeblood and workforce that sustains our countryside. Losing even a small number of affordable homes can be the difference between post offices, pubs and schools staying open or not and between villages thriving or dying.

Please support our campaign today.

What is the ‘viability’ loophole?

Our joint research with Shelter shows how developers are using viability assessments to slash the delivery of rural affordable homes in half. Watch our video to learn more.


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