This could be our future, unless we stop the rapidly growing threat to England’s Green Belt

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We are not suggesting that London will reach the coast any time soon; so far, England’s precious Green Belt has prevented such extreme urban sprawl. At the same time, our latest research reveals that 425,000 houses are planned for protected green fields around many of our towns and cities: a rise of 400% in 5 years. This is the biggest year-on-year increase in proposed development on the Green Belt in two decades.

It will not even help solve the affordable housing crisis

Communities around the country are crying out for homes – but our research shows that less than 1 in 3 of the houses being planned for Green Belt land will be affordable. Instead, developers can exploit the system to build high-end, low-density, executive homes that most people simply cannot afford to buy.

There is a much better alternative

New housing does not need to be built on treasured Green Belt to provide the affordable homes people need. We have demonstrated there is enough brownfield land available in England to build 1.4 million new homes without taking chunks out of our Green Belt.

We need your help now to stop the needless erosion of our protected green fields.

Enough is enough - it is time the Government kept its promises on the Green Belt

The Government has said, time and again, that the Green Belt is precious and must be protected, but what is happening in reality tells a different story. For example, according to our estimates, under the current New Homes Bonus scheme the Government will effectively reward councils £2.4 billion to build the 425,000 houses currently planned for the Green Belt. Whether intentional or not, the Government is overriding their own policies and promises.

We cannot let urban sprawl like ‘London-on-Sea’ become a reality

Our much-loved Green Belt is the ‘countryside next door’ for 30 million people living in towns and cities around England. It gives us a chance to escape, spend time in nature and experience a sense of freedom and wellbeing. Our Green Belt protects the environment and gives nature a chance to thrive. Its irreversible loss would be keenly felt. We must stand up for our threatened green fields – and urgently. No one else will do it for us.

Let’s not be the generation that sells off our Green Belt, denying it to future generations – please give your donation below

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With your support, we will put our Five Point Plan to protect our Green Belt into action. We will:

  1. Raise the alarm about our latest findings in the national media and at the heart of the Government. 
  2. Demand stronger and better implemented national Green Belt policy. 
  3. Push for sensible, realistic housing targets. 
  4. Call for brownfield to be used first for new housing. 
  5. Fight threats to our Green Belt across the country at a local level.


Thank you for helping to protect our precious Green Belt.


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  • £15 could help CPRE’s campaigners gain national media coverage to raise awareness about the rapidly growing threat to England’s Green Belt
  • £25 could help CPRE’s researchers prepare evidence-based briefings to lobby the Government for stronger and better-implemented Green Belt policy
  • £50 could help local CPRE campaigners challenge a development in their area that would result in needless loss of Green Belt

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